Pitpro 140cc


Currently sold out. New stock available in early 2017

Get ready to step it up, this pit bike is as tough as guts and designed to perform! 

This bike is powered by a genuine YX 140cc factory race engine, with a heavy duty manual clutch with an all gears up gearbox configuration (N1234). The motor also includes an oversized alloy oil cooler. The suspension package includes beefed up USD front forks & a heavy duty nitrogen charged reservoir rear shock absorber. 

This bike rolls on tough 14" alloy front wheels with 15mm axles and 12"  alloy rear wheels 15mm axles. To help bring it to a stop, the bike includes hydraulic disc brakes with wave rotor and braided lines, front & rear. The bike also features a revolutionary twin pipe braced extended chromolly frame.

Choose from two different colour schemes: Black/Red and White/Blue.


  • 140cc Big Valve YX 4-stroke engine, with oversized alloy oil cooler, braided lines fed directly from the crankcase oil pump
  • Genuine PitPro brand & 3M race decal kit
  • Heavy duty manual clutch, strong N1234 all up gearbox configuration
  • Full range of Spare parts in stock (check out our shop for a full list)
  • Revolutionary designed twin pipe extended Chromolly frame with cradle, valued at $450
  • Heavy Duty USD front forks, nitrogen charge rear shock absorber with reservoir
  • Quality KMC chain, 30mm Mikuni carbs (20% more power), and other quality components
  • Spring loaded folding brake and clutch levers
  • Performance exhaust pipe, 30mm diameter, with billet muffler end cap
  • Heavy duty alloy wheels with 15mm axles
  • Start in any gear motor, lightened flywheel with racing ignition system
  • 140cc engine features wide stud pattern to easily take the new 55mm piston
  • New long cylinder to compensate the enormous stroke of the motor
  • Pumps out a huge 12HP, fastest out of the box mini bike on the market!
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