PitPro 140cc LE


Currently sold out. New stock available in early 2017

The word is out about the PitPro 140cc LE, an insanely fun bike packed with this many features was going to be tough to keep a secret.

We started out with a light-weight YX140cc motor. It's all up shift pattern and heavy duty clutch equals bullet proof reliability. We made some tweaks and now in the PitPro 140cc LE it produces more power than ever.

Next up we mounted the engine into our revolutionarily trellis designed frame which is guaranteed to tame even the toughest trails.

Then we set to work on the suspension package. Up front are a set of PitPro adjustable forks designed to tackle the toughest conditions. The rear of the bike is supported by an adjustable DNM shock specially designed to accommodate the twin muffler performance exhaust system.

To complete the package we set the bike rolling on a 12 / 14" gold wheel set with trick gold hubs.

The only problem left was the graphics kit. We wanted to set the PitPro 140cc LE apart from our other rides so with the help of our friends at Ringmaster Images we designed a once off graphics kit. The bottom line: you'll roost your mates and you'll look like a star doing it. 

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